What´s New

This autumn/winter we are very happy to present a few new suppliers to our carefully selected brand portfolio. Common for all of these brands, is that they specialize in certain categories of particular high quality clothing manufacturing and we at Goods appreciate that dedication to detail, where the appropriation of one or two specific things make a good product better So with no further ado, it is our esteemed pleasure to welcome Arc'teryx Veilance to the Goods family. Arc'teryx Veilance are pioneers in the field of advanced technical outerwear, whilst wrapped up in contemporary and timeless design. American Shirt makers Gitman Vintage give you all the quality and presence you could ever want in a shirt, whilst using in house developed fabrics, patterns and prints for a both a vintage and classic feel. Aldo and his sister Giulia have the perfect setup for the their amazing Harris Wharf London brand, with a family fabric factory based in Italy and Giulia´s design background the siblings create beautifully tailored woollen coats unmatched in both design and quality and with regards to being excellent value for money.

Who we are

Since our humble beginnings around the birth of the global financial crisis in August of 2008, Goods has gone from being a local destination shop at an off beat basement location to become an established men’s clothing store on the main street of Copenhagen´s Østerbro neighborhood. At Østerbrogade 44 Goods tends to a broad range of clientele; servicing both locals, tourists and Copenhageners of many ages and social stature, but all with a common and vested interest in quality and design.