Summer 2017

We're very excited to show you how we continuously tweak our personally curated selection of quality goods (in our humble opinion at least) for the benefit of our great and loyal customers - namely you.
Besides bringing you all your sartorial favourites, this season we're also bringing you some entirely new and exciting things to Goods.

For starters, we have two newcomers to our brand list.
First in is Salle Privée, they are not only a newcomer to Goods, but to the world of menswear in general. But before the choir of hype starts ringing out, we ask you to hold your horses and bear with us, and rest easy, as the team behind Salle Privée in no way shape or form are rookies or new to the business of menswear. They're seasoned pros looking to create something special; a collection, which we are proud to now share with you. Salle Privée produces classic luxury menswear; everything is made in the their own factory in Italy. And theirs is an on going collection, meaning one that's available all year around. Their products are - like every other product at Goods - items that need to be touched and of course tried on. And it makes us very proud to be among a limited list of retailers stocking Salle Privée. And thus invite you to come down and try on their brilliant garments and see for yourself what we are raving about.

Secondly; we are now stocking the Japanese brand OrSlow, producers of paramount workwear and military inspired garments. What they do so well is changing the original fits for the better and simplifying the utilitarian look - making the combination of a work shirt, a dressed Incotex pant and a pair of New Balance 991 seem like the most natural outfit in the world and organic to your everyday routines. The quality is unsurpassed and silhouette one that deserves a regular place in any modern man's wardrobe.

Who we are

Since our humble beginnings around the birth of the global financial crisis in August of 2008, Goods has gone from being a local destination shop at an off beat basement location to become an established men’s clothing store on the main street of Copenhagen´s Østerbro neighborhood. At Østerbrogade 44 Goods tends to a broad range of clientele; servicing both locals, tourists and Copenhageners of many ages and social stature, but all with a common and vested interest in quality and design.

New Arrivals


Meet Oliver Knauer

June 12, 2017

Meet our customer Oliver Knauer, who works as a photographer and director. He has a few amazing stories up his sleeve and thus we asked him to tell us a few of them and a bit about...

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Q & A with Unimatic

June 02, 2017

We’ve had great response on our beautiful timepieces from watchmakers Unimatic. Lots of customers from all over the world have shown an interest in their designs and unique approach to expressing horology on the wrist, so we...

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Q & A with All At Sea

December 09, 2016

Copenhagen-based brand All at Sea was founded in 2014 by friends Benjamin Monrad and Christian Reese. They’re on a mission to make modern silkwear for the Nordic gentleman. While honouring Scandinavian design principles the duo...

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Goods Online Size Conversion
Our Legacy 44 46 48 50 52 54  
Zanone   46 48 50 52 54 56
Salle Privée   46 48 50 52 54  
OrSlow   2 3 4 5    
Folk   2 3 4 5 6  
Drakes   38 39-40 41-42 43-44    
Mackintosh   38 40 42 44 46  
Traditional WeatherWear   38 40 42 44 46  
Bresciani   39-40 41-42 43-44 45-46    




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Andersen-Andersen knits 및 기타 여러제품)은 대한민국 세관에서 관세가 적용되지 않는다는것을 의미합니
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Für unsere deutschsprachige Kundschaft.

Wir schätzen unsere Kunden aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum und wir möchten es
Ihnen so einfach wie möglich machen bei Goods einzukaufen.

Die Zahl unserer Kunden aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz wächst stetig und
mit unserem Versandpartner Fedex können wir Ihnen Ihre Bestellung innerhalb weniger
Tage nach Hause oder an den Arbeitsplatz liefern. Versand ist kostenlos in ganz December für Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz!

Sollten Sie irgendwelche Fragen oder Wünsche haben, können Sie uns jederzeit kontaktieren.

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